Posted 1M ago by @StableMiro

My aloe plant is ginormous!! What is the best thing to do...

1ft to light, direct
12” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
It's AMAZING! I think the best thing to do with it is ENJOY IT! Until the main root runs out of room in that pot, I'd leaf it alone. (:

You've done a FANTASTIC JOB!
you should definitely check if its root bound(roots are way too big for the pot). i would recommend repotting and/or cutting off some leaves aswell. hope this helps helps!
defitinitely recommend getting a bigger pot if that’s something your interested instead in, otherwise these other suggestions seem pretty good to me! 🌱🌿
I am right there with you. My Aloe tipped over yesterday from being too heavy to one side so I'm repotting it. I can't put mine outside either. I'm not sure what the best answer is for you but I'll tell you what I do. I have a south facing huge kitchen window so I keep it on the window ledge all day and move it at night. It's a pain in the ass but I have too many plants and not enough space. Good luck to you, 😊
I just finished repotting mine and I wanted you to see how I braced it with bamboo sticks. You can see I have "pups" growing.
More pics. You can see the pull to the right on the middle leaves