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What is it and can I have it
What is this plant, how much would it cost in us if it was like a foot wide? Would it grow well in a humid environment like orchids? (They told me@to water it every two days). Does anyone know how to move plants internationally (im@in Thailand right now)? Can It be done in less than a day?
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KFC time πŸ˜…
You'd have to look into US Customs for bringing a plant in. Unlikely you can do it in a day but maybe?

What plant is it? How's Thailand? That's so fun!
@Lithopslover I too am curious. This is what came up when I ran it thru Google Lens πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
Oh @KikiGoldblatt πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
@KikiGoldblatt Lolol this is exactly what I thought this was!
Chewbacca 🌡
Are you visiting Thailand and finding plants to send home? That’s awesome
I think this is Cibotium barometz! Congratulations what an epic plant to be given πŸ₯Ή Also known as golden chicken πŸ˜†
@RJG Thailand was amazing im looking at cost of living for possible early retirement, 1 person could live here for 1,400 easy, it’s very hot and humid right now I personally love, there are plants EVEEYWHERREEEEEEEEE
@EdmundG I didn’t actually plan to take any plant shome@this sneaky snake woman at a mall selling plants tricked me into buying with no plan whatsoever to do (gonna give to a friend)
@HoyaAddict thank you, I googled this and apparently it’s gonna grow into a fern that actually looks like a somehow@this is just the@rhizome
@RJG interestingly they really like cactus here they had a ton I wanted to buy but the cacti plant selling was less crafty than this lady
@Lithopslover that's cool!
@Lithopslover sounds like paradise
Such a epic find congrats πŸ₯³