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Fittonia help!

Ever since I repotted the worlds most dramatic fittonia she refuses to perk up. Her roots are very healthy, just dried up stems and leaves (I trimmed a bunch of the leaves recently too). I noticed this today- do you think it’s mold? I’m really frustrated and not sure if she’s going to be able to recover. Please, any help would be appreciated thank you!
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Hey again! Here is what came up. It’s not really explaining what the white stuff is but my guess is probably a fungus. There are great guides on how to treat that if you google, but also @TexanExpat is very knowledgeable about fungi. In the meantime the guide is totally right about trimming allll the dead parts bc they won’t come back. But the fungus might make that moot. I hope you can bring her back! πŸ’š
Hi there! I don’t have this plant, but those look like aerial roots to me. Aerial roots grew on one of my kalenchoes that had leaves that were starting to look really droopy an sad. So, I cut off the stems and a day later popped them into water and now they’re growing new roots. I don’t know that this will work for your plant, so maybe add #s to add groups to get help. #PlantAddict #HappyPlants
@SunnyPlants Woops thanks for the reminder about the hashtags I was freaking out when I saw her so I forgot! I don’t think they are aerial roots, i’m not sure if fittonia can grow those. The stems on these are normally fuzzy so that’s why i’m thinking it’s mold. I’m not 100% sure but thanks still! 🩡🩡
@Sapphire9 How often do you water your plant?
@SunnyPlants 1-2 times a month, though I do have it next to a humidifier.
@Sapphire9 I saw this plant today at a local plant place! So pretty! I hope she rebounds!
Oh no! I’m so sorry 😒 one of mine also got very upset with me, but not for repotting, I accidentally left her in the window too long and she got hit with direct sunlight for several hours 😭 she is still looking really sad but I trimmed dead leaves and she is growing new ones. Anyway that white stuff is very strange, I’ve never seen anything spiky like that! I’m going to do some research for you and get back to you. In the meantime someone smarter than me might have an answer lol.
@BabeVila Thank you so much!🩡
@BabeVila hi !! Did u find an answer? I find you in every question i need an answer for lol.
@Plantslover unfortunately for this one, only to an extent, but I really hope @Sapphire9 was able to figure it outβ€”Sapphire did you get a resolution to this? I hope so πŸ’š