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Dying at the root?
I live in FL and my Christmas Cactus was doing great outside and then the other day all of a sudden 4 stems at the root rotted and just fell out of the pot. I’ve followed the watering guidelines and it has good drainage. Any suggestions? Help!
How dry is the soil? I would just let the soil compeletely dry out (it’s a cactus — it’s very draught tolerant — that way at least there won’t be any more rotting in its root system (if there’s any). I also heard of something called Root Supplement by Houseplant resource center (I got it from Amazon) — supposedly it stops all root rot within 24 hours. I would double check if it’s good for cactuses but I don’t see why not. Worst comes to worst — you can dig it out and examine the roots to see exactly what’s going on. I would also double check that there’s no pests anywhere. Hoping it works out for you and this little guy. Keep us posted!
If you suspect root at the bottom of the cactus, I would just prune the cactus pads that look healthy and stick them in soil. I know it sounds scary but you’ll have a pot full of cactus props and they grow super fast, super easy! You will also have more cactus babies in the near future (and don’t have to worry about the funky look of your baby, which is affecting its growth) 🌵✨
Hi Melissa,

Everyone here is dead on!

One tip I would add, if Greg is telling you to water before the soil is fully dry, you can snooze the reminder and Greg will slowly learn to space out the watering reminders.

Greg is a really good guide for watering but it isn't as good as your eyes and fingers (to make sure the soil is dry) so if Greg is a little off just let it know and it'll get better!
Thank you all! I kill everything so I’m trying really hard not to kill this plant my beautiful mama gave me.

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