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Hi Everyone 😊 I am very new to the world of plants. Can any1 tell me what's wrong/how to save these 2 plants please. Fertiliser sticks added 3 weeks ago, now drooping & dropping leaves. Near windows morning sun, soil damp. Fertiliser sticks removed. Thx
6” pot
Last watered 1 month ago
I would probably say that with your plant information it says that the pots do not have drainage. Also you said soil is damp. This would lead me to thinking that they have root rot from over wateringοΏΌ. I’m not sure if the plans save a book but this is probably where I would start. I would remove the plant from the soil and check if the roots are mushy. If they are I would remove the mushy and black roots and treat the root ball with hydrogen peroxide to kill any of the bacteria. You could then repot into fresh soil if there is some remaining roots. Do not use the same soil again. Possibly propagating the stems in water to the roots grow back might be a good option.οΏΌ
Thank u so much. I have so much to learn.
@ComposedGray I bought one just like this 3 weeks ago. Doing the same thing. Was only watered once. Will follow the suggestions made. I am a plant person and am very perplexed why this happened.
@ComposedGray I completely agree with @Gordo
These guys like consistent watering but don’t over water. Water this plant once the top 1-2 inches of soil becomes dry to the touch. Depending on your home environment that could mean anywhere from once a week to once every two weeks. Agree with @Gordo this needs to be in a pot with drainage too.

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