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Grow tent
Please god anyone I can not figure a grow tent I’ve spent like 200 bucks on this piece of crap and I can not get the light to fit /hang properly does anyone have any experience and can you please help @MoorePlantsPls
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@Lithopslover the holes are for ventilation lines that you can add to the unit. I think you bought the grow tent itself without the extras to keep air circulating. If you look up the product at Vivosun, you can see the tent itself with add-ons you can add to the order. As for the light, if you remove the clip, you can tie string to each black string and suspend it that way. The instructions or a visual reference would help. Here’s a photo of a suspended setup. I know it’s not the same but this should give you an idea of how the light should hang. Just zoom in.
Can you show us a picture of your set-up?
The light spins it slants it doesn’t stay remotely flat the original@pulley was wayyyyy to small to@hang from@he hang bar so I had to cut it up@to fit a larger clip (this thing came with no instructions so ive half@butt put it together there’s a bunch of holes with draw strings I have no clue what those are for I just closed the draw@strings as much as I could
Came with essentially no instructions and I’ve never owned a grow tent before
Do you have the model number for this tent? Usually, they have bars to hang them from at the top.
@FitSedum I could find the model number I’m sure, it has two hang bars but if I like breath on the light it spins/slants, now that I’m writing I have an idea, what if use two pulleys and attach it to both to stabilize 🤔🤔 (it’s only taken me like 5 hours tk think of this
@Lithopslover I understand. It can be frustrating and I’m sure it is. Did you buy it from someone or was it from an o one source? If you can find the model number, you can probably find the instructions online.
@Lithopslover that would be how it’s hung on the picture provided above.
@FitSedum @sarahsalith thank you for helping and talking to me sorry I got extremely frustrated I am not handy and I was struggling with this for quite a while
@Lithopslover it’s understandable. Take a step back and search for the instructions online if you need to. You’ll figure it out.
@FitSedum i have a fan I didn’t think I needed an in-line vent as I’m just got echeverias and lithops so no stink, I think the fan is suppose to help with pests?
@Lithopslover yes, it will also exchange air which is very important to your plants.
@FitSedum to exchange do I need to leaves thre holes open? I used one to snake th cords through then closed the rest I have closed like this
@Lithopslover holes have a duct vent line that fits in it. If you don’t have the duct line, you can leave it open until you do get a line.
@FitSedum ok, my plan was leave the door open (for my viewing pleasure) anyways so that’s good lol I can’t sink any more money into this set up til next year
@Lithopslover yes, I completely understand that. Don’t stress. You’ve done enough of that today with that tent. Try to take it in baby steps. You’ll be thankful you did.
@FitSedum you think the vents would make a significant difference compared to just leaving the door open? I hope I’m done with it until at least next year lol, tomorrow I’ll play with my shelving unit to get it ready for a phal orchid I’m pumped up for and getting this week
@Lithopslover I think it’ll be fine for the time being. The duct line and the in line fan that these can hold are for precise cubic feet per minute exchange. Most greenhouses have a light, a simple vent for additional air, and a fan plus humidifier. The in line fan and duct will pull and push air and humidity in and out of the greenhouse. Most greenhouses I’ve seen in New England have casement windows for ventilation and ceiling fans and a small heater just to keep things warm enough and well enough. Sone friends don’t even add vent lines in these. They just leave the holes open. I think you’ll do as well as they do and that’s darn good, imo. Don’t worry.
Thank you @FitSedum your my savior
@Lithopslover I’m just another plant grower that’s trying to help. Don’t hesitate in posting when you want help or just want to share your progress. It’s why we are all here.
You need to hang it from each side of the light.
@Lithopslover sorry I haven’t been on…my cat died
@MoorePlantsPls I’m sorry 😢
@Lithopslover thanks. He was with me for over 18 years so it’s been tough. Here’s a pic of my lights. Lol keep in mind it’s legal here 😉
@Lithopslover I have mine a bit higher than I usually do right now because my MJ grew so tall but you get the idea?
@MoorePlantsPls seems magical I tried doing that and if I looked at the light funny it got lopsided, I think what I’ll do next year when I have more moola I’ll buy four pulleys and attach to each corner so it’s super stable how do you keep the temp down mine is adding like 4-5 degrees to the temperature? Also do you do anything to keep it dry? I turn the fan off at night cause it’s loud and humidity gets into the 50s also regarding your pet situation digital attack hug!!! 🤗
@Lithopslover I keep my fan running 24/7 but it’s pointed away from the plants. I like the circulation.
@Lithopslover I have 2 pulleys and 4 ropes and I have 2 ropes on a pulley
@Lithopslover if you notice a lot of humidity you can use these to vent as well as to put a fan in, put cords through, etc.
@MoorePlantsPls you are aaaammmmaaazzziiinnggggh!!!!!

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