Posted 3w ago by @chelseakay

What’s up with the reach?
This lady was in a corner about 3 feet from a window. She has started really reaching and growing weirdly, so I just moved her closer to this big window which overlooks my covered porch. Thoughts on the lean? Is it a result of now enough light, or something else?
I think they just lean, lol. They’re climbers so maybe add a moss pole if you want to shape her up a little. They usually go in different angles at the nodes in my experience. You have nice splits so light looks fine.
Mine leans toward the light. I have to rotate it. Since yours is a single, you might add a moss pole as suggested.
Mine leans all over, I think she’s fine
@Plantgirl56 do I just plunk the pole in the middle and the stems will start to gravitate towards it? Or do I need to tie them to it?
@chelseakay I would make a moss pole just behind the root ball. Then tie the main stems to it. I’m sure you can find instructions on YouTube. ☺️

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