Posted 1Y ago by @Kinzetta

Should I repot? She's grown a lot and is losing stems ran...

3” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
Best Answer
No need to repot! Your echeveria is becoming a bit etiolated - it’s stretching for more sun. Can you put it directly in a brighter window? South or west facing would be ideal, or outdoors if possible!
hmmm, how are the roots? is it peaking through the drainage?
Succulents usually have finer, more shallow roots so it should be fine in its current pot.
Agree with all of the above about the plant not having enough light. It can stay in the pot, though my succulents get much bigger and happier in larger pots or in the ground.
@Kinzetta I agree with @Nataleaf on getting more sun.
No need for repotting, but more light would be good for this plant!