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Looking perky, but...should I snip and get a new pot?

Second post about my struggling Joesee. (thanks for helping me @yammieOf3, @CourtlyKingfern, and @PlantJedi). I'm feeling hopeful after exchanging the soil and adding some some cinnamon and moss to the top.
Now, I'm wondering...should I snip the dead ends of these leaves? New pot... or, too soon?
When she's ready for a new pot, any suggestions on how to pick the right one?
The current pot is 3 and a half inches in diameter, 3.2 inches in depth. Her rootball size escapes me.
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3ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
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I would leave her in here for now to be honest, best to leave the roots to settle in new pot! When picking the new pot I would just go for the next size up, too big and there will be too much spare soil holding water, which will encourage root rot. And yes I would cut this leaf off at the base, likelihood is it will die off gradually anyway but if a leaf is over 50% damaged the plant can't use it anymore, and it looks not too far off that! Let us know how she gets on, good luck🀞
@LiterateIvy thank you for being so informative.
@orise On I agree with Katy @LiterateIvy and keep us posted!! You got this!πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜
How long has she been in the nursery pot?
Sometimes… a repot is the solution. It honestly could be struggling inside the nursery pot due to bad soil. This happened with 3-4 of my plants… I repotted mine and boom they all were happier.
@PlantJedi right! She's been in her pot for about a month. Thank you, I've changed the soil, hoping for results.
@orise ok if you’ve changed the soil already then that’s technically a repot… were the roots white, brown or yellow?
@PlantJedi I see, cool insight. The roots were somewhat white, seemed to have life. There was one long root and then the root ball.
Ohhh off white is great… It was the soil. Keep a fungicide treatment plan handy. She should go back to normal.
@PlantJedi, thank you, I have never created a fungicide treatment plan! Is this easily google-able or can I ask for more advice on creating one?
@orise I currently just use neem oil products and Arber. But there’s a rave about #WetheWild products.
@PlantJedi 🫢🏽
@orise I’ll send you my routine in a few. It really helps my Brady bunch.