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Anyone know what’s happening here? One side of the plant ...

8” pot
Last watered 4 months ago
@HighSainfoin it sounds like your Agave is putting on a bit of a color show! The different hues might be due to a few factors Variations: Agaves can change color based on sun exposure. The side that's getting more sun might turn reddish or orange as a stress response. It's like getting a sunburn, but for plants!……temperature fluctuations can also influence Agave colors. Cooler temperatures can trigger the red or orange tones, especially if your Agave is exposed to chilly nights…….. Stress from underwatering or overwatering can cause color changes too. Make sure you're giving your Agave the right amount of water to keep it balanced……Agaves can exhibit different colors during various seasons. It's like their way of changing outfits to match the weather……. I see few mushy leaves on the base Remove the mushy leaf immediately. Use clean, sharp scissors or pruning shears to trim it away, cutting as close to the base as possible. If one leaf is mushy, it's possible that the roots might be affected too. Gently remove the Agave from its pot and examine the roots. Trim any mushy or rotting roots. If the roots are damaged, repot your Agave into fresh, well-draining soil. Choose a slightly larger pot with good drainage….. After repotting, adjust your watering routine. Allow the top inch or so of the soil to dry out before watering again. overwatering can lead to root rot. Remember, Agaves are resilient, but early intervention is key. With some care and attention, you can help your Agave recover and thrive once again!
@JungleDreamer amazing, thank you so much!! 🫶🏽
Looks like 2 plants? The funky one could be the original plant that spawned that healthy one. This happened to my aloe.
@HighSainfoin Your plant is actually two. Agave will send out pups in fear of death and then cut off their nutrient supply. You can check the roots and snip off the pup to repot it. This is one of the ways Agave multiply. Why do they cut off the supply? Because they don’t feel like they are dying anymore and don’t worry about feeding their offspring. My Agaves do that multiple times during the scorching summer months then cut off their pups. I try to snip them off and grow them. I have seven so far! Give it a try. 🌿