Posted 3w ago by @IngeniousKanna

Gifted Calidora(persian palm)... do I repot it? Its in 3" now. If so what soil can I buy #help #alocasiaaddicts #gregfeedback #alocasia
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with that root coming out the bottom, it's probably time for a pot upsize. not too big, maybe 5" or so. And get a well draining soil. My favorite is Fox farms happy Fox or ocean floor!
@RJG thanks a lot!
No problem! Are you new to Greg? If so welcome!
@RJG I tried the app before a few months ago, but my peacock plant died really quick after putchasing them. Now have new ones and can actually used the app. So yeah im still new. lol Thanks once again
Well we are glad you're back!!
@RJGjusr thought I'd show you since you helped!
He was so root bond I has to carefully cut him out the pot!

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