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Yesterday I repotted my pilea now she is so sad and droopy :( does anyone have any tips that could help? (Also she is recovering from a spider mite infestation! #pilea #chinesemoneyplant
drainage? too little light?
I agree with @mirandaaplanet . When they are recovering from mites, they need more light.
She might just be recovering from the stress like you said. Repotting can stress her further. Just be patient and let her acclimate to her new spot 😊
Of course give her the best condition you can and beware of other stresses (e.g. temperature draft...)
Good luck 🀞
@SportyBaybean thank you so much have a lovely day/night :)
@FitSedum ok thank you for the info. It has been rainy the past few days so there isn't much light sadly but hopefully there will be some sun soon! Have a lovely day/night :D
Pileas are such survivors! Mine has been through the gambit. I would say to water her the way you were, and she will prop up soon. I have mine in a south facing window and she perks up in the afternoon!
It’s just in repot shock. It’ll recover soon. Did you water it in??
Love your hanging basket 😍
@Beccyboo24 thank you I made it :)
@lilplanty wow you’re very talented, it’s super cute πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌ

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