Posted 1M ago by @PlantDaddyVibes

Is it normal for the Dieff’s stem to bend down like this?

5ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
Dieffenbachia enjoys its light akin to a lovely Instagram filter: bright yet indirect. Insufficient light might leave its stems feeling a bit droopy, almost as if they're having a hard time. Find a spot where your plant can luxuriate in gentle light without the risk of sunburn. Adequate lighting ensures your plant maintains its upright and cheerful posture. Here’s a link to help you from Gregg App:,plant's%20posture%20straight%20and%20perky.
@PlantDaddyVibes it looks like it's been stretching trying to find a light source. That's why there's so much space between leaves. He just needs a bit more light. How long has he been bent like that?
Try rotating the plant to make sure they all get adequate light
Until then maybe get a band to wrap them together and keep them upright
@HappyPlantBFF hmm maybe I should move it from the window because it get direct sunlight for maybe 3 hours a day and then indirect for the rest.
@Lifeis2short going on a week and it right by the window
flowermom">@flowermom hmm I’ll try this. Even though the tips are now rotating upwards
@PlantDaddyVibes they're going up now because the light is coming from above it now. Personally I don't recommend banding them together. It'll likely break the stem of the bent one and the tip that's finally growing up will then be pointing sideways.
I would suggest letting it continue to grow as it is until it gets about 6" long and then cut it off where it's bent, close to the soil, then cut that where it started growing up. They propagate fairly easily in water and in a few weeks you'll be able to plant them back in the original pot which will make it fuller anyway