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I just got a string of hearts today and decided to count the number of growth points on it, and counted 24. Surprisingly, I didn't pull off any leaves while separating the stems. And also there are 2 bean-looking things. I think that they are where the seeds are from. How do I germinate them?
4” pot with drainage
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You've got a GREAT PLANT! Ive never seen one so full!

The beans are pods, like @strawberrymoon said. You'll see tubers, too. They look like little growths about the diameter of the leaves. They store up energy for the plant and you can also propagate by them.

EDIT: sorry- I was excited about your plant. The seed pods should eventually start to dry and open up. That's when you can take the seeds and sew them. I'd sew at least four or five at a time just in case all of them don't sprout.
A photo of the "bean".
found some info regarding that! apparently it’s a seed pod:

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