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Floppy stem & dull colors? #help

#Echeveria so my plant was doing fine until yesterday morning. I had it by the window the whole time before I re-potted it, gave it new soil and watered it for the first time, and I thought doing that would help the stem go back to normal but it’s been about three hours and it’s still floppy. I don’t think it’s rot either- but it’s hard to tell for me because I’m a new plant owner. Any tips on how to save her?
1ft to light, direct
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
pretty sure tgat a flower and its just gotten too heavy for the stem to hold up, the succulent looks greatt!!
If you repotted while it has a flower stalk (that's what that is), the plant might be shocked and you'll want to cut off the stalk so the plant can redirect its energy.
To me both answers are good it looks like a beautiful Bloom when they open Don't water it too much cuz they don't like the water
Maybe it needs some light? It could also be in shock from the repot. It does use a lot of energy so repotting while it’s flowering could have disrupted its natural rhythm.
1. Shock from repotting. 3 hours is hardly enough time to make a difference. 2. The flower is just too heavy. ☺️