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Variegated Hoya Kerri
Not doing so hot, what are these black/dry spots and what can I do?
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Looks like your Hoya is struggling with fungal infection. I would try to find this product and spray it on your Hoya. Instructions can be found on the back, but I spray my plants at night every 4-5 days and isolate it. I do it at night so the product doesn’t scorch my plant during the daytime. I would also repot in fresh new soil since your medium maybe infected. Make sure to clean and disinfect the pot as well!

If you want to go the extra mile and feeling a little confident, you can go ahead and rinse the roots with lukewarm water and a little bit of 70% isopropyl to kill off any bacteria. Good luck! 🀞🏽✨🌿
Spots on kerrii can be a sign of a bacterial infection.

This article is kinda dense, but gives some good info on the origins of bacterial spot and how to treat using the example of peppers:
@kscape Thank you! Do you think I should clip some of these spots?
@lazyplantparent Thank you!!!
@ProudlyPipevine You can clip if you dont mind the look :)

Also, how often do you water your Hoya?
@kscape I just saw this comment! I had just received this and another from an online seller and hadn’t watered this. How often do you suggest watering?
@ProudlyPipevine I Make sure to allow the soil to dry out between waterings :)

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