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My banana plant seems to be getting brown tints around th...

@Shaan Hello πŸ‘‹ and welcome to Greg!

I enlarged your pictures and here is what I found. You can see where I circled on each picture that there is white tiny dots on the leaves. They are called whiteflies.

Whiteflies are usually found in large clusters on the undersides of a banana plant’s leaves. Their name comes from the waxy white coating that covers the adult whitefly’s yellowish body. Newly hatched nymphs are microscopic, but grow to resemble tiny scale insects before maturing and pupating to emerge as an adult whitefly with wings. All stages of whiteflies feed on your plant’s sap, excreting honeydew as they feed. Whitefly populations grow rapidly in warm weather and have a wide host range. Banana plants are a preferred host for the giant whitefly (Aleurodicus dugesii), which also feeds on vegetable crops and ornamentals. Whiteflies can cause significant cosmetic damage to a banana plant. Large infestations can result in yellowing and drying of leaves, which may eventually drop off the plant. Honeydew production attracts ants and can lead to the formation of sooty mold.

Whitefly Control
Controlling a heavy infestation in your banana plant can be difficult because there are no insecticides to control them. The best management strategy is to maintain ideal growing conditions and remove heavily infested leaves from your banana plant. Spray the foliage regularly with a strong spray of water to remove minor infestations. Adults may also be vacuumed from leaves with a small, hand held vacuum. Aluminum foil or reflective mulches placed at the base of your banana may repel whiteflies, or you can place sticky traps nearby to reduce their numbers. insecticidal soaps or oils may reduce whitefly populations, but they will not eliminate them.
Sorry to hear about your Banana plant. Maybe the leaves of this tropical plant was damage from the cold or a drafty window. I was in England in April 1995 and it was lovely, but cold. I hope your plant will make a speedy recovery.
@KikiGoldblatt Thank you so much for the welcome and saving my plant. I would never have known had you not pointed it out to me. I’ve removed the infested leaf and sprayed with whitefly insecticide and will keep a close eye on it.
@Shaan you are so very welcome.