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Why does my snow queen pothos have a few drupy leaves

I got her 2 or 3 days ago and she was so root bound that there was a little bit of roots sticking out of the drainage holes so I re-potted in a pot around 1 inch bigger and for the soil I mixed rocks and a and a little bit of orchid bark and it dries out like a day later so then I took some rocks out and put spachnum moss and see if that will stay moist for when I will go out of town one day to for a long 4 hour drive well maybe my grandma is driving πŸ˜‚ one day to stay in a hotel and one last day of the 4 hour drive but my grandma is driving 🀣 don’t worry I am only 10 and she’s 65 I got this plant with my dad because I wint to buy a tomato plant because she died after giving fruit and then we saw a stunning plant and we were all shocked to see the buttyful leeves so my dad said let’s get it and thanks to my otherer grandma that made me get into πŸͺ΄
1ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
Hi. If you just got your pothos, it may be in shock after being brought into your house. I would put it in a bright spot, out of direct sun, and just let it get used to your environment. Pothos don’t really need spaghnam moss or rocksβ€”they do well very easily if you mostly leave them alone. Let them dry out a bit between wateringsβ€”the soil should be dry up your 2 inches from the top. Good luck and I hope this helps! πŸͺ΄
@LaSiguanaba so later should I take out most of the rocks and moss and just put it in regular soil
@Imissmydeaddog Honestly, I probably would just because knowing what pothos are like, they really just need simple care. Just plain old regular soil is great! But you may want to let it rest because it’s likely in shock from all the repotting. Just give your plant a chance to breathe and maybe change it back to soil in a couple of weeks. I hope it does well. Just give her time! πŸ™‚
@LaSiguanaba thank you
@LaSiguanaba I just put it in that mix because I am soooo scared to kill it because it was one of my dream plant and the care tips on videos said well draining soil that is loose and airy so I might have exaggerated just a lliiitttllleeeπŸ˜…
@Imissmydeaddog it will be okay. You can take a cutting from your pothos as insurance if you like. All you do is cut about a 6 inch stem with leavesβ€”make sure there are a couple of nodes. Put the stem in water, covering the nodes entirely. Make sure not to put leaves in the water. The cutting will start growing roots in a week or so. Then you’ll have a new plant you can pot in soil!
@LaSiguanaba sooo I do this if it starts to die
Right ❓
@Imissmydeaddog You can do it before it’s sick, you just need to take a long enough cuttingβ€”several inches, at least 6. I would take the cutting right away, and get it started just in case. Hopefully, your plant will recover and you can get a new pothos from your cutting! πŸ™‚
@Imissmydeaddog just remember that the cuttings should have at least 2 nodesβ€”do you know what they look like? They are little brown nubs on the stem of the pothos.
@LaSiguanaba oh ok βœ… πŸ‘Œ
She got worse now that I came back