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Gnats vs. Buttchug βš”
I have a fern that's been attracting gnats since she likes moist soil and I heard #buttchugging can help prevent it but I'm not sure if I should do anything different or what. Any advice would be appreciated πŸ˜…πŸ™

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This is super common! Yes. The gnats usually lay their eggs on the tops of moist soil so if you bottom water the top of the soil SHOUlD stay dry and keep the gnats at bay! Just make sure that you let it soak long enough to get an adequate water
@jcPlantProper also my pot has a built in tray, should I repot?
Which fern in your oasis is it?
Butt chugging is the way to go! I do it for all my plants to help with that. I just get a mixing bowl, fill it with water and let the plant sit in it for about 10 minutesοΏΌ
I use a product called gnat nix. You put it on the top of the soil so that the soil is completely covered by 1/3-1/2” inch, just like you would apply a top dressing. It creates a barrier so the baby gnats cannot get out of the ground when they hatch(?) and the adults can’t get into the soil to lay eggs. After a couple of weeks the gnats in your house will die out and the problem should be over. However, you may need to apply it to all of your plants since the gnats can just move to another plant. I’ve applied it only once several years ago and I still haven’t had a problem. It has not harmed any of my plants in any way. You can check it out here, but you can probably get it from many other retailers.
Cinnamon sprinkled on the soil helps deter gnats.
My fern is one of the few plants I have in a self-watering planter so it's always butt chugging!
@DazzlingOasis I use cinnamon as well.
@Sassylimey @KikiGoldblatt I'll use cinnamon while I wait for a self watering pot to arrive in the mail @PlantMompy
I personally find it is better to have well draining soil for all types of plants, even if that means watering some plants more frequently than average. I only top water too, but doing these things has minimised how many fungus gnats I get because they don't like dry soil. Adding heaps of coarse perlite (at least 30%) to your soil helps keep the gnats at bay without having to use anything extra like ant sand or the likes πŸ™‚
@DazzlingOasis these gnats lay their eggs on top of very moist soil. They turn into larvae very quickly. And then they transform into tiny winged bugs pestering your plant. Unchecked, they can become an infestation . Ugh, These larvae are those white worms you see. So the trick is to kill the larvae and prevent or deter the larvae from growing. Prepare a solution of hydrogen peroxide (4) parts and water (1) part and spray that on the top soil. That would kill the larvae immediately before they turn to gnats. Then allow the top soil to dry up. Larvaes die if their environment is dry, that stops the larvae cycle. When you insert a dry and clean stick for a few seconds and there are no soil sticking to it when you pull out , it’s dry. But if it still has bits of soil on the stick that means it is still moist . Hold off watering first.

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