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Spots on my peacock's leaves
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Hey everyone!
I'm hoping to get some light as to whether there is actually an issue with my peacock.

The symptoms are brownish spots on some of the leaves and a lack of growth whatsoever since I got her (last Jan.)

She sits near a West facing window that's shaded by a tree outside (minimal direct light for half an hour at most per day). I bottom water every week with distilled water. The humidity sits around 45 and I haven't tried to raise that level with any sort of method.

I do suspect the stunted growth could be related to shock from when I repotted a couple of weeks after I got her, followed by a day or two when I accidentally left her next to a cold window for one night (around 50 F).

I'd appreciate any thoughts or tips you'd like to share!
I have always struggled with my Calathea not getting enough humidity. They are now both in the bathroom and have humidity trays and a humidifier.
Yeah, that's something I'm going to try when I move. Not having a window in the bathroom is the worst.

Have you found marks like these in your calatheas due to not enough humidity?

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