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I need help with my Living Stone, Dax.
Does my living stone need more water? Or maybe it’s too close to the window with the weather warming up? Please help ASAP!
2ft to light, direct
2” pot without drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
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Lithops love light, they need water but not as much as one expects, is that it’s old leaf? Do you see a smaller one inside? Depending on how or where you grow them they just came out of dormancy. Usually as it starts to shed their old leaf you want to allow it to pull the nutrients from that leaf to feed the new growth and withhold watering it till it becomes a husk. So depending on what is inside that hole will tell you the next move.
#SucculentSquad can you help with this?
I would just let it be. I’m not sure how these grow, but it may be kind of ‘shedding its skin’ mine did the same thing. I was going to throw it away because I though it was dead, and noticed a baby underneath the shriveled part. If you just leave it, the young one may just ‘hatch’ out of the old one. Worth a shot! @RJG
What a curious plant
@SubAlp ok thank you so much! I can see that there is a new one inside and I wasn’t sure if it was shedding or not.
@PlantAddicted yes there is a new one inside. I just watered it a little bit ago because I thought it might be too dry even though I watered it a couple days ago
@theCorncob beautiful, don’t give it anymore water for quite some time. It has more than enough, and it’s just doing it’s normal thing. Truthfully in my experience they have thrived when I left it alone and watered sparingly. The trouble comes when you pay close attention to it, and believe me that is really hard for me not to do. But all is good with yours, give it as much sun as you can other than scorching that bad boy and water only when you see the lithops start to wrinkle, schedules for these plants are hard to sustain, better to watch the plants for the signs it gives you because of the ability to survive extreme conditions.
@SubAlp I don't know much about lithops. Never had one.
@RJG you should give it a try sometime, really low maintenance and people are so confused when they realize it’s a plant, especially with conophytum. The crazy things Mother Nature comes up with blows my mind everyday.
@RJG 3 word anecdote point, though?
@SubAlp living rocks rock
That’s worth 2 :) @RJG