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Is my plant doing okay?
Iv had this nepenthes for over 2 years now, it won’t stop growing and pushing out new leaves but it won’t grow any pitchers :( what can I do to make it grow some? This is in my bathroom for humidity and has a showering every other day from the shower head
Let it dry out and also try giving it distilled water! I’ve only ever grew mine outside
In my experience they do not like to dry out. Have you ever fertilized? Mine started getting big healthy pitchers after I had it about a year. I do use distilled water, but I’m not confident that impacts pitcher production. I am impressed by how bushy it is! How are the light conditions?
My nepenthes is potted in a mix of moss & bark. I keep it in a shallow dish of distilled or filtered water. Make sure the moss/bark doesn't dry out.

I also make sure and keep the pitchers half full of water.

I'm not sure how to prompt pitchers other than proper conditions.

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