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#Monstera is this a good plant to have in a self-watering pot?
4ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
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@EJPlantMom absolutely, here's an extract from this article below. You can even get terracotta self watering pots. But it is more about the pot suiting the plant than the other way around LOL 😂😆
Monstera is a tropical plant that you can grow in a self-watering pot. A monstera self-watering pot is an excellent way to keep your plant healthy and happy. The best way to choose a monstera self-watering pot is to look for one with drainage holes in its container's bottom and sides,its%20container%27s%20bottom%20and%20sides.
Hi @EJPlantMom I have seen some post from the community sharing success with using self watering pots particularly with Swiss cheese vine. Just keep in mind that your soil should be well draining.