Posted 1M ago by @Kanteen

Dismissing photos
Greetings, #gregteam!

Just wanted to drop a quick feedback for some quality-of-life improvements. When we click on a photo to view in the comments section, can we also dismiss the photo with a swipe down instead of only pressing the "X"? Most of the time I'm scrolling with one hand (left) and I can't reach the "X" unless I use my other hand. It sounds petty… but why not make it even easier to use with one hand? πŸ˜… #GregFeedback
I do like the swipe-down option. You can swipe down on most things. πŸ‘
This is a great idea for a tiny improvement that would make a big difference! We’ll add this to our list of features to include!
100% agree @Kanteen!
OMG you read my mind! I just wanted to ask the same question today. #GregFeedback

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