Posted 3w ago by @lilliandxrson

is this birds nest fern healthy?
i thought the ‘nest’ part of the plant looked a little weird so if anyone has any opinions? :)) #HappyPlants #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantAddict
It does look a bit more brown than mine, but mine’s still pretty small (might change as it matures). I can see green on the new fronds, so that’s good! How much are you watering? Are you making sure no water pools in the nest?
@ESylvanus it’s new i just was gifted it and wanna make sure it’s healthy before i put it with my other plants
@lilliandxrson In that case, I would guess the coloration is fine, and just care for it as normal. Most people like to do at least a 2 week quarantine of new plants, just to be safe. I think overall it looks good!
It looks great! Mine looks like that and as they grow new fronds, they'll start to unfurl there. (:
The bird’s nest fern looks beautiful and healthy. They need moist soil to thrive. A lovely gift. 💚
It’s beautiful! You will soon have new fronds!

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