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Why are the leaves turning yellow?

Last watered 3 months ago
The photo I see show webbing and possibly spider mites. That is possible cause and maybe no drainage in the pot. But the mites need to be addressed.
I’ve read that frequently, the appearance of yellow leaves or chlorosis in a citrus tree may stem from either excessive watering or a lack of nutrients. Citrus trees thrive on consistent watering, especially during warmer months, yet it's crucial to avoid overwatering, as it can deplete soil nutrients and lead to root rot. When roots are compromised, they struggle to absorb the essential nutrients the plant requires to flourish. Gregg is pretty good at reminding you on when to water. I don’t have a green thumb but believe me ! My plants thrive because of Gregg. And when it tells me to water, I always check the soil first, and snooze it if I feel it’s still moist. Gregg adjusts. It’s really quite amazing! Here’s a link for some ways to fix your yellow leaves:
Thank y’all!