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This is a reminder that everything will be okay.
Happy #FreshLeafFriday, you amazing #Greggers 🌱 This #FreshLeafFriday post will be a little more serious…but in a good, healthy and reflective way.

I’ve had several positive outcomes during the last couple of months with half of my plants, but the other half has been hit with nothing but misfortunes and events that were out of my control. It has affected these plants in a way where their damage is irreversible. I kept reminding myself of these events and blaming myself for all of it, but sometimes it’s okay to accept that they happened, either for a reason or not, and find ways to learn and become stronger from it (literally and figuratively).

Because I’ve been doing exactly that, I’ve discovered ways to view my misfortunes in a way that encourages me to keep in mind, “I can use these experiences as opportunities to learn how to grow and be better from it”.

Same thing goes with plants; once the problem is indentified, various steps and research is taken to get rid of it and its trace. It takes time and effort, but when one solution sticks, the hard work and passion is shown; New leaves emerging and flowers blooming.

This is your reminder that everything will be okay. Check on your friends and make it known you are available whenever they need support. Regardless of who it is, someone may be struggling and needing a hand. Spread love and positivity, and do not forget that you are not alone. You are loved. 🤍✨
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I love this, thank you! We have patience when nursing our plants back to health so why don’t we do the same for ourselves??
Absolutely true! I’m trying to remember that myself.
love this message, great way to start the weekend! thank you for being so amazing and supportive here 24/7, you are AMAZING💚
Love this Dariana. Thank you for sharing!!
@kscape what a wonderful story. I so needed that today. I struggle everyday with my mental health and some days I feel worthless and other days I got this. My plants help give back to me. They make me realize that hey I need you to take care of me, without you I can’t survive. 💯💯💕💕🥰🥰
Your pictured plants are lovely. Nice message. 🥰🥰
I had so much mail stacked up I absolutely couldn’t even look at it without a near-panic attack. Bills. Dr appointments. Car registration. Disputes … I’ve been putting it off for two weeks. Why can’t I do this. But i dunno. I did a lot of plant checking and maintenance and somehow sat myself down and did the most important stuff. It’s a relief. I have depression and some days I can’t force myself out of bed. But i will get up to water a drooper and before i know it I’m out of my head into my plants and the world seems ok again. I repotted my Birkin as a reward for adulting all day. 😉🙂😇 Ms Rodeo Drive was quite rootbound #NewGrowth #PlantTherapy #PhilodendronBirkin
Definely. Spread love. Be more empathetic. Pay attention to your love ones. Something to always remember. Thankyou for your post. Sending you good vibes virtually.
Thank you for reminding all of us that it’s going to be ok. 💚🌱💚🌱💚🌱💚🌱💚
I too needed this reminder Dariana 😍 TBH every day is a struggle with feelings useless and unwanted. I'm thankful that I have all my plants that need me and my care, so with me helping them they help me.

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