Posted 3w ago by @Z03Y

Hi guys I was wondering if anyone had some tips for growing succulents/jade from cuttings? Whenever I try they always dry out or rot :( Thank you!
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3w ago
In my experience with propagating succulents, I believe they do best just sort of doing their own thing ^^ If I cut, or if a leave falls off, letting the cut dry a little seems to help (maybe a day or so), then you could dip it in some rooting hormone to improve your chance, place on top of or lightly push into the soil, and you’re set ^^ Although I treat them like most succulents, lighter on the watering, I may mist the soil for a week or so just to ensure they’re still getting something. Otherwise, it’s pretty hands off. Most often these days, fallen leaves in my pots propagate themselves, so they’re definitely easygoing πŸͺ΄
Are you planting them or putting them in water?
@froglady3957 planting
@zay thank you!!!
3w ago
@Z03Y no worries! If helpful, marking best would be appreciated ^^
I have luck rooting in water
@froglady3957 ok thank you!!

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