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Does anyone have their #Alocasia in PON?
I just ordered two PON kits from to put my #AlocasiaDragonScale and #BlackVelvetAlocasia in… I’ve seen some people have success with PON and alocasias and was wondering what was your experience using this substrate. #AlocasiaAddicts #pon
@kevinkiklee is in the process of transferring his whole oasis. I think he has some alocasia.
@RJG thank you.
I recently transferred about 40 alocasias into pon and they are all thriving right now.

And I also have about 100 alocasia corms rooting in pon+stratum mix that are sprouting fast.

I have converted about 100 of plants to pon and they are mostly doing great. Be aware that there is always risk of losing your plant to transplant shock when you are converting to pon. I lost about 3 to 4 plants out of 100 during the conversion.
@kevinkiklee wow that is an amazing collection. Thank you. I wanna start with my Alocasia but eventually I want to transfer most of my plants to a pon. Except my cacti and some succulents.. I’m too scared to transfer them.. they can stay in soil lol.. May I ask where did you get your containers from?
@NMazon this is the planter

also, for succulents, I propped them in water first then transferred to pon.
@kevinkiklee thank you very much. ☺️

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