Posted 1w ago by @Merel

Leaves are turning yellow
You don't see it that good on the phot lo because my camera isn't that good, but some leaves are turning yellow. Means this to much or to less water? Last week was it very hot so maybe is it that. #echeveria #question #help
Best Answer
too much water!! check for root rot + repot in succulent soil if you haven’t already. does this pot have drainage?
Ty @strawberrymoon no it doesn't have a drainage I gonna buy one today
@Merel np! by the way if you wanna respond to a comment it’s best to @ the user so we know :) all the best with your plant!
@Merel @strawberrymoon is 100% correct it is an overwatering issue. When I buy pot I always but pots with drainage to help prevent overwatering.

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