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What's wrong here? Some leaves have shriveled edges.
11” pot
Last watered 5 days ago
Last watered 5 days ago?

Leaves will curl if the plant is cold, or excessively dry from constant warm airflow. Your Prayer Plant is a tropical plant, so it will thrive in more humid environments. Increase the humidity around your plant by misting the leaves on a regular basis, using a pebble tray, or moving a humidifier nearby.
Calatheas/goeppertias/marantas thrive in warm, humid environments with a good air flow
Definitely agree, this plant needs more humidity. However, the bottom leaves might also be dying off, which is natural. But definitely look into a humidifier, if you can. If not, misting it regularly will be very beneficial.
What type of water are you using to water it? Calatheas can be very sensitive to chemicals in tap water.
Thanks everyone. I will use filted water and spray it for humidity. I think my kids are making the loungeroom too hot for it. I water it every 2nd day
@AmusingLithop your prayer plant is really nice and big πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
Calathea’s are soooooo finicky. Like drama queens. You’ll learn their patterns and what they like. Thankfully they tend to recover well. I had one my MIL talked me into splitting in two, which required cutting the roots to seperate. Its taking me weeks to get my half to recover. Of course hers is happy as a clam she says. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ #calatheaparenting
Either under watered or inconsistent water.

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