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Worried Plant Mom
I recently found root rot on my peace lily. I cut off all the bad roots prayed it with 3%hydrogen peroxide mix and replanted in new soil and pot. I also found root rot on one of my orchids so I did the same. Now I’m worried because I was changing these pots in the same room as my other plants (not knowing these plants had root rot. Is there any prophylactic measure I need to take on all my plants not so that they don’t get it?
I’m still new, but I wonder if it’s a drainage issue.
@BunnyMummy so the peace lily I think was over fertilized by the grower. I’ve had nothing but issues with it when I got it. It didn’t look right from the get go and I reached out to him immediately without any responses to my questions so I ended up disputing the charge but was hoping to save it not realizing the yellow leaves were due to root rot. I thought it was from under watering because I definitely wasn’t over watering
I think @BunnyMummy is into something. It definitely sounds like a drainage issue. A lot of potting mix that is sold retains a lot of water. I love to cut my potting mix with perlite so the mix drains better. Peace lilies do not want to be wet all the time; they like to dry out. Orchids need to be in orchid bark to live their best life.

Handling plants with root rot won't spread it to other plants, but that is why it's always good to clean your plant tools with alcohol between each use.
Thanks for the tag, @BunnyMummy 😁
@MeekCamphorweed was the peace lily delivered to you or did you pick it up locally?
@sarahsalith I only watered it when the top to inches were dry or when it started to droop. It was still in the nursery pot so I wonder if the growers over watered them prior to getting to me. When I got the orchid it was in moss when I went to repot it a few days after getting it I noticed it is black roots then so I cut the black off and repotted it in orchid bark. Being new I didn’t know about spraying the roots or even much about root rot.
@sarahsalith delivered to me. Ordered off Etsy
@sarahsalith I thought I had read that the fungus from the root rot is spreadable no? If not the. That’s a sigh of relief
The root rot is not spreadable. (:

If you got it off of Etsy, it probably just needs to acclimate to its new surroundings. Spending time in a box and going through the post office is tough on a plant.

Peace lilies are REALLY resilient. 
@BunnyMummy thanks for the tag!
Yeah, it could be drainage. And you should also clean and disinfect your tools between plants. And clean the planters well before reusing them.
@LatiTish84 ok well I changed the medium that it was well as the pot so hopefully that will help and I’m able to save it. It so disinfect my tools and containers before and after using so I’m good there I think. Thanks for the info
@sarahsalith well that is a sigh of relief. I waited awhile before repotting the fire time to give it time to acclimate because Iread it was stressful for them but when I repotted I didn’t want to mess with the root to much so I tried removing some but not all the soil and didn’t notice the roots being rotted it wasn’t until when I went to cut a leave and noticed the stem was rotten so that’s when I unpottesnit and washed all the soil off the roots and saw how bad the roots were. So that’s when I cut them off,prayed them and changed the medium as well as the pot to make sure it had plenty of drainage.

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