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Curious about this growth...

Hello, I'm assuming this is a potential bloom on Audra. It just keeps going, wondering if anyone thinks this has gotten too leggy, if it's supposed to look this way, or if I should snip it, and start anew. Advice very much appreciated. #fairywashboard
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Mine has not bloomed, but I have seen them in places like Home Depot/Lowe’s with long bloom stalks. I would let it go and bloom. The plant itself is not leggy. I’m a little envious of that bloom stalk!
thank you @refinedsandwort, your gallery is amazing!
@orise thank you!
Beautiful plant!! I love fairy’s, and I love seeing a haworthia flower stalk because they grow such ridiculously long stalks
Don’t snip, it will flower! Once my fairy bloomed it also grew a pup over the next couple monthsπŸ‘€
@rinnyluvplants I will go crazy over a pup! Thank you for this hope.