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Is Curly getting ready to bloom for the first time?? #tillandsia #caputmedusae
Hi! I've had this plant for a couple years now: is it getting ready to bloom?? Does it take a while for it to do so? It's had this new "stalk" for a few weeks now.

Is Curly getting ready to bloom for the first time?! 🤩
0ft to light, indirect
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 15 hours ago
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@gracegrows that’s awesome. Beautiful 🤩 🥰

Like most plants, blooming in air plants starts in spring and summer. In these seasons, the days become longer and the plants become exposed to light for longer. It is quite common for nurseries to use ethylene gas to make air plants to bloom.

When your air plant blooms, you are approaching the end of its life cycle. But not to worry because it will start to produce new air plants or “pups” to start anew with. Once the pups have reached a good size, you can separate it from the “mother,” and the mother will wilt away.

It takes from 2-5 years for most air plants to reach maturity when they first grow from seeds. More interesting is the fact that air plants bloom only once in their lifetime.
It looks like it to me!!! Really beautiful and heathy plant there!! Blooms are so random and finicky, haha. They do seem to take a while. Great job!
@gracegrows *happy gasp*! Thank you!!
Looks like it. That’s a gorgeous plant! I just got one myself yesterday. She’s still a baby but had a bloom at the nursery. They’re so pretty. I can’t wait for my plant to look like yours!
@KikiGoldblatt oh! I had no idea they're monocarpic!! - then, take your time, Curly!! I'm fond of you! Don't leave me too fast! 😢

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