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Bugs ! Bugs!
#Dieffenbachia This precious is having a bad time! First yellow leaves and I thought it was overwatering but now I just see this little hugs on the leaves and you can see it only have like 4 leaves the others just fell and turn yellow! I don’t know what to do :(
6” pot
Last watered 2 months ago
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If your dieffenbachia isn't looking as healthy as it once did, there are some easy ways to troubleshoot your problems.

Leaf Problems
Leaves are droopy — Droopy leaves can by caused by too little water. When the soil surface is dry to the touch, water your plant well, water again when the soil surface becomes dry. If the leaves droop and fall without yellowing first, your plant may be too cold. Move your plant to an area where the temperature will not fall below 55 degrees. The lowest leaves may turn yellow and begin to droop as part of the plant's normal growth pattern. Simply remove the drooping leaves as part of your regular up-keep.
Leaves have brown tips — Brown tips on your dieffenbachia's leaves could be caused by uneven watering. Keep your watering practices a little more regular and never let your plant sit in water.
Leaves are curled with brown edges — Curled, browning leaves could be caused by excessive fertilizer application. Flush away accumulated salts and fertilizer with clean water. Follow label instructions for correct fertilizer application rates.

Growth issues
Uneven growth — Uneven growth occurs when dieffenbachia stretches toward a light source. To even out the growth of your dieffenbachia, turn your plant a quarter turn every few days.
Little new growth — If the growth of your dieffenbachia has slowed or stopped it is likely not receiving enough light. Move your plant to a brighter location and consider feeding your plant a high-nitrogen foliage plant food as recommended.

Cottony masses on your plant — Cottony masses on stems and the undersides of leaves signify the presence of mealybugs. To treat your dieffenbachia, apply a labeled product at the recommended rates. Be sure to follow all label instructions.
Pale leaves and a webby material on leaf undersides — Spider mites may be the cause of your plant's troubles. The first course of action is to isolate your dieffenbachia to prevent the spider mites from spreading to other plants. Mite populations can be reduced by taking the plant outside and spraying it with a forceful spray of water. Labeled pesticides may be needed for best control.
Dieffenbachia’s are resilient! Don’t give up, you’ll be able to save it!
@Gei17 thank u thank u thank u
@ZarfRedrose you’re most welcome Ma’am. 😘💚

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