Posted 5M ago by @strawberrymoon

istg. he’s still closed up
he’s been closing up ever since i brought him home, his soil is very fast draining so i’m 90% sure im not overwatering (every 10 or so days). i assumed id been underwatering him since the soil was dry + he was closed up and the leaves didn’t look as lustrous but i watered him and he’s even more upset at me >:(
he’s in bright indirect light, west window with a lace curtain. and i know the pot looks too big for him but it’s just the top, the bottom lets his roots fill out nicely + i only water at his base.
5ft to light, indirect
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Is he close  enough to sun
@Kenze_7125 yeah he is-haworthias don’t like direct sun so i put him there, it’s still very bright though
@strawberrymoon oh well~ I don’t know- maybe to much sun ⛅️ lol
@Kenze_7125 ikr- i can never tell with this guy :( it’s really weird bc gasterias and aloes (haworthias are in the same family as those) do very well in my care but this guy just seems unhappy 24/7
@strawberrymoon well he is just a very depressed plant 🌱:(
@Kenze_7125 depressed person struggling w their depressed plant i guess lmao
You always teach me something new with your acronyms. 🤣

I would try moving it closer to the light. It is a light colored plant and it may need more light to flourish. I have a few of my haworthias right near the windows here in zone 7b and they don't seem to mind at all.

Good luck! 💚
@sarahsalith ah okay!! i’ll try that :) i’m in 10a haha

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