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Poorly Peperomia
Hi everyone! My Peperomia Polybotrya / Raindrop Peperomia has been looking a little bit sorry for itself lately (I've had it since April 2021) and I had noticed the roots were brown when I pulled it out the pot. The soil also smelt funny so I assumed it was rot. Decided to try changing the soil and discovered that there was not a single white healthy root in there! (see picture). There's no mushiness, everything is nice and firm. All plant roots are white right? Or have I just butchered my plant's roots for no reason? 😬

I was wondering if I could please get some opinions – should I keep this in clean water until some roots grow or set up a fresh pot (with well-draining soil!) and leave it to settle down in there with a little rooting powder?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 month ago
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I would place it in water ina clear vase or jar! That lets you see progress. And we LOVE to see progress. You’ll get roots in no time! I put some nutrients in the water as well, and change the water every 7 days.
If it were me I would pop this little buddy in some water so I could monitor it. But you could also do your suggested repot with rooting hormone. The base doesn’t look rotted or anything so I think little buddy will bounce back.
Thank you @AllieTerrarium!
This is what I use:)
Thank you @Kaleyeeaah!

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