Posted 4M ago by @iTryandTheyDie

Blue Chalk Stick gone yellow

Can anyone help me with Denali, the Blue Chalk Stick? The leaves are starting to yellow at the bottom (most recent photo attached). He lives next to a window inside but not in direct sunlight. I've gone by the watering tips/times on here with a draining pot. I've been checking to make sure the soil was dry before watering as well.
1ft to light, direct
3” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
How do the leaves feel? Are they squishy, or dry and crispy? If squishy, it's probably overwatered. If dry and crispy, then it probably needs a drink.
The rocks on top may also trap moisture. They like a lot of light. I have mine under a grow light after I had to chop and prop due to etiolation.
@RefinedSandwort Are there rocks that are better than others? My Google searches said rocks were imperative to keeping succulents happy with the extra space between leaves and soil. As you can see, my artist rock jobs would not keep the lights on in any artists' home.
@iTryandTheyDie Succulents like chunky soil mixes, yes, not necessarily having rocks on top of their soil. Something like BonsaiJack Gritty Mix has chunky pieces to help aerate the soil; mixing in perlite also helps. Pumice and lava rock are also good choices.
@iTryandTheyDie I am still a beginner as I have only been growing succulents for almost most 6 months. Not sure where I read it, maybe on some posts here. I have done a search that gave some benefits of top dressing, but did mention that if too heavy on top they can compact the soil which can lead to water logging. I don’t have rocks on the top of any of my succulent pots.
I add perlite to my succulent and cactus soil, but no rocks on top.
You may want to repost your question or the question about rocks on top and use hashtags such as #SucculentLove #SucculentSquad . You might get more succulent gurus on here to respond.