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What’s your FLF soil recommendations?
Okay. I’ve put off repotting Figgy long enough, it’s finally time. 😬
It’s been very happy and I’ve been too afraid to mess with it 😂

What is your go to soil mix for your #FiddleLeafFig?
@RJG I’m looking at you 😂
#SpringIntoSummer #HappyPlants #RootPorn #RepotSeason
1ft to light, direct
9” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
I use Fox farms happy frog, with perlite and orchid bark added to it. make a good chunky mix that drains well.
Half cactus half orchid soils
I’ve got mine in a mix of mostly regular potting soil/compost with a good amount of perlite mixed in, and maybe like 1 part cactus soil to 3 parts regular soil? With clay pebbles on the bottom for drainage too! And they’re doing well

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