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Trimming polka dot begonia??
Hi, friends!
I recently got this polka dot begonia from my local Walmart. She was a little scruffy but I love her anyways. Luckily, I’ve noticed an adorable new baby stem growing from her base so she must be happy here!! 🥳
But I’ve still got a few questions…
• Should I remove any leaves to make room for new/healthy growth? Almost every leaf has browning on the tip, edge, or a big spot on the side. (Pic 3)
• Is the old, papery growth at her nodules a problem? Do I trim it back or just leave it?
• Thoughts on repotting?
I want her to thrive in her new home. 🏠 💚

Thanks, #GregGang!
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You can always trim off the brown parts of leaves, since they are permanently damaged and won’t revert back. This also helps the plant direct energy to making new growth instead of trying to repair the damage. But I wouldn’t remove any leaves just for the new leaves. They’ll make their own space!

The papery growth at the nodules I would just leave alone because you could accidentally damage the stems trying to cut/remove them! They’re aren’t hurting anything 🤷🏻‍♀️ lol

And I would wait at least a month before repotting so that it has time to adjust. Otherwise, if it has new growth, you must be doing it right! It seems very happy! 🪴💚
@saatwood ahhh thank you! I had no idea I could just cut off part of the leaf! Great tips 💚
@saatwood update:
I cut part of the big leaves, and actually did cut off some other leaves last week. The new growth is taking OFF!!
@miniistars AMAZING!! 😍😍💚💚 She looks so happy 🥹 That new growth is so exciting!! Thank you for the update! 🥰🪴💚
@saatwood thank YOU for the help! 🤩
@miniistars of course! 🥰

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