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Browning tips & drooping leaves!
Our plant was so happy, but we left for a week and came back to sadness. It’s inside by a window that gets indirect light, we follow the apps watering suggestions as well. I appreciate any tips! #TriostarStromanthe #Stromanthe #triostar
12” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
Here are photos!
I don't have a Stromanthe, so I can't be very specific but I'll give what I've got and hope someone with more experience comes along!

First, it looks like it wouldn't be too hard to pop it out and check the roots. The watering schedule is a work in progress based on your feedback and I find it would lead me to overwater. So check those roots, if they're mushy, cut away the mushy ones and repot with well-draining soil. And I think don't water it for at least a few days... Here's where we need a Stromanthe expert! (There's always Google!)

It looks like the browning is at the tips and edges and that could be from using tap water or over fertilizing. It could also be that it's too dry in that location. Perhaps there's a draft? Did you move it to that spot before you left?

She's such a beautiful plant! I'm sure we (Greg folk) can help. But I'd start by checking the roots. Even tropical plants can have overly dry leaves and root rot at the same time. You can do everything right and lose a plant for no obvious reason. But I don't think you're going to lose her. You'll have to cut away the damage to the leaves and some leaves altogether.

I don't think a buildup of chlorine from tap water could have affected her so dramatically in that amount of time even if you are using tap water...

Check for pests like spider mites - I don't see the telltale dots they leave, but I think Stromanthe are rather suceptible to them.

Don't give up hope. Someone will come along who knows Stromanthe, but in the meantime, you can check those roots. Sorry I don't have more and for all the "typing out loud" as I'm thinking it through. 💚
@plantgirlashley could be a humidity issue. They like high humidity. As for watering goes, Stromanthes leaves will curl when they need water. I usually use that as an indicator.
Stromanthe are similar to the finicky types of calatheas (think white fusion) they love humidity, but dislike getting their leaves wet. Not to the extent of white fusions where the leaves will literally wilt and die if you mist them, but it definitely contributes towards the same end. I killed several calatheas and browned a couple trio stars before I learned a few tricks.
It doesn’t have to be every watering, but bottom watering is massively helpful. Make sure to water the soil and not to get the leaves wet when top watering, and like was mentioned earlier this plant just like finicky calatheas very much needs non-tap water. Rain > aquarium > distilled/reverse osmosis > spring and never tap. Over fertilization can also lead to browning .
If you want to up your humidity you can put a tray of LECA in an inch of water that your stromanthe sits on, like a large diameter deep plastic saucer for catching runoff from watering (I’d go with a diameter of 12” or larger to have sufficient surface area of water to actually affect the relative humidity ) - as long as there’s a barrier and there are no drainage holes or any ways for that moisture to be drawn up. My biggest game changer was a humidifier that keeps the room it is in at 80% humidity, but I recognize that most people don’t want to live in that kind of humidity.
@Placebodendron I do stuff you said not to. 😂 I spray the plant every few days to wash dust and things off. I figure in the “wild” it will get wet so. I just make sure it dries up. I water with filter water from the fridge since I know my tap is super high ph tho.
Yeah I have one of those really nice mossify powered micro misters and was doing the same with RO water when I got my first one. I had the same thought process about them getting rain in the wild - for some reason it was the single most (in my experience for my plant) contributing factor to browning and crunchy spots on my stromanthe (as well as calatheas). I stopped doing that on the advice of a woman at a local nursery, who also mentioned if I was going to mist it just to mist the underside of the leaves… moved my triostar into an indoor greenhouse w/ 100% humidity for a few months and it started growing and thriving. I took it out and now have it with my other non-greenhouse plants which are still in a high humidity room, I keep it at 70-75% via humidifier, and it’s been doing great for months. I do still wipe the leaves off every month or so, but I think it’s more a matter of how long water sits on them and they stay wet. That hasn’t been a problem at all. I’ve also read for misting tips to always do it early so that the moisture can dry during daylight hours faster and doesn’t sit on the leaves overnight, as I think that extended exposure can be detrimental. I also try to alternate bottom watering the trio, sitting in a saucer of RO water for a half hour or so, and watering the soil.I only get the leaves wet when wiping them down and also wipe them dry though. Hope that helps and your triostar bounces back!!
@plantgirlashley you might need a humidifier for the brown tips! All my tropical plants live in my bathroom because my stromanthe and Calatheas need at least two humidifiers 🥲 they’re high maintenance AF and be looking crusty if they don’t have humidity.

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