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why isn't my SOT growing!!
I got this plant about a month ago and it's not growing! any suggestions!! #stringofturtles
this plant loves humidity i have mine in the bathroom above the shower
also giving it a little bit of direct light will help it thrive πŸ€—
Best decision I made to encourage new growth! I got mine at Michael’s. The bottom is made of wood so I used clear Modge Podge to seal it. I definitely should’ve bought a size up lol.
Mine was growing verrrry slowly. Really just started growing in the last couple of weeks. Make sure it’s getting a bit of morning sunlight. Not strong sun & just for a bit. I have mine in East window with overhang. Gets about an hour from 7am to 8am.
Happy πŸͺ΄
@EdieMcGoldrick you sealed it? how would you water? do you ever take it off!!?
I am reporting it today with new soil into ape into a plastic pot and I got a glass domed to put it in AI just need to know how long it stays in there and how often I water it when it's in there and do I leave it in that glass dome outside
@kris10nicolee I only sealed the wood base! That way it doesn’t rot. The glass dome comes off. I mist the plant, put the dome back on, and I place it in a sunny spot. Once it gets a decent amount of humidity and then sun starts to set I’ll take the dome off

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