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Overgrown much?
Y'all, I don't even know where to begin with these two.

I bought them probably 3 weeks ago at Meadow Farm out in Falls Church and paidkre than fair prices for each one (even if I don't know what one of them is).

Now that I have these big lugs acclimated to my home it's time to start breaking them down. The first one is fairly straightforward in that I have three neat divisions present. It's unidentified friend however is a different story. I'm posting it's photos in the comments so as to not scare anyone 🀣

If you have advice for this process please share it, but I think what me and the plants both need right now is prayers that we all survive because this is gonna be a wild one!
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Here's the other one. If anyone knows what it is please let me know. I think it might be an imbe but it's hard to tell for all the hair this dude has πŸ˜‚
@tmbryant37 I’ve got an Imbe but it’s smaller so I can’t tell 😩
This is mine that no one can figure out…it kinda looks like the first two pics.
Your second one might be an Imperial Green? This is mine
The first one in the actual post is a Green Apple Congo. The part that gives it away ad an apple is that red stripe in the stems.

Your mystery philo might be a green princess given the shape of the leaves.
Here are the results of the first surgery which I just finished. We will be saving the second procedure for tomorrow as this is hard to do in the dark!

Now what size pots do these new babes need? πŸ€”
Philos for days! How all of this was crammed into a 6" pot is beyond me.
Okay, any of the Philo experts out there want to take a crack at identifying the plant in the first comment here?

Looking at you @AwesomePlants and @jcPlantProper
@tmbryant37 ok it’s not an Imbe. It’s like an overgrown imperial or SOMETHING
@TJphilobsessed this is a green princess I think
@tmbryant37 and yeah these would look good as one but in a huge deep pot!
Those marks on the leaf are they hard water stains? Or is that the color of the plant (first photo)
@Vjunc Those are water spots from the sprayer at the nursery. That one is the green apple Congo. It's the other one in the first comment that I can't identify
Thank you so much @jcPlantProper!

I had to get them in dirt so they're in their own pots right now but I'm not opposed to combining them again now that their roots can breathe.

If I dis that would I lump them all together in the middle, or spread them apart? And what size pot would you think is best?
@tmbryant37 were they in a 6” before? I would keep them in the middle but kinda separate πŸ˜‚ whatever the next size up is that’s wider and deeper that you can get your hands on
@jcPlantProper Yeah, it was all in a 6" pot before. If I one have to go up one size then I have a great pot I can use that is heavier and deeper so that should work.
I’m leaning towards the Imperial Green for your second one @tmbryant37
@tmbryant37 your second one is a Philodendron Green Congo.
@TJphilobsessed @jcPlantProper @AwesomePlants

Because I love a challenge I ended up rehoming the second of the overgrown mystery philos when I stopped by the nursery this afternoon. Since it was still there I figured it was a sign that they both needed me to take them in and help them live their best lives 🀣

We're gonna run with the theory of Imperial for now and we can reassess whenever I get them separated.
@Marthamaywho92 Absolutely! I hope to be able to work on them tomorrow morning before our meet up but whenever I do I except there to be lots of baby philos running around everywhere 🀣

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