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Got this plant yesterday.. Yellow spots on the leaves.. How to fix?
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@FestalBalsam can you take another pic that one is a bit blurry please and and you. What kind of plant is it? I think I know but I want to be sure.
Looks like a calathea! Maybe treat for pests first! Any other leaves with spots?
@FestalBalsam it looks like aphids.

To make a vinegar solution, combine white vinegar with water in a ratio of 1:3. Spray the infested plants with this vinegar natural aphid treatment, including the undersides of leaves and stems where Aphids like to hide. After a week, repeat this vinegar natural aphid spray to eradicate all traces of the insects.

You can always use premixed Neem oil too.

Bonide BND022- Ready to Use Neem...

Check other parts of your calathea as well to make sure none are hiding.
Yes it's calathia
Should I remove the leaves with such spots
@FestalBalsam I would leave them on. They still will provide energy for the plant. Especially if recovery from pests. But for cosmetic reasons you can remove them. οΏΌ

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