Posted 2w ago by @Ccruz413

Suspected Root Rot

Hello! My MIL gave me her Chinese Evergreen and has been thriving since recently. I’ve noticed her stems are turning brown. I haven’t changed the soil since it was given to me so my guess is root rot. Asking for a second opinion and second pair of eyes πŸ‘€ Thank you! #ChineseEvergreen
2ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
My Chinese evergreen is weird. Don't ask...I'd say root rot. You don't want those stalks to go yellow. Do a repot to see if it helps.
She looks super healthy to me! When you say the stems are turning brown, do you mean the dry wispy stuff? That's completely normal. My Chinese evergreen (aglaomena cutlass) had root rot a while back. Well, a few of the plants in the same pot did. The way you can tell is by looking at the base of the main stem just below the soil line. It'll be mushy and look kind of like cork.
After tossing the plants with root rot I repotted the healthy ones. Think I went too big on the pot size. About 3/4 of its leaves fell off 😞 That was a year ago & it's just now starting to rebound. You really have to straddle the fence with these, since they like their soil to stay moist but if it's too wet for too long it can lead to root rot.
Hmmm hard to say if that’s root rot or not! I’d say if you are truly concerned that it is, yes do a repot but also try to remove as much of the rotted roots/stems as possible. The rotted roots will be black and mushy. Pick or cut them off (whichever you prefer) before a repot to increase the chances of survival! It might take a while for it to bounce back if it is indeed root rot but taking these measures with greatly increase the chances of success. And contrary to popular belief, cutting/removing roots will not hurt your plant, especially if they’re damaged already so don’t worry about that!