Posted 4w ago by @MossMollosid

My aloe is turning gray!!

I put her outside to enjoy the brief period of heat we’re getting and I forgot about her 😭 if I bring her back in will she recover?! I know they gray when they are in shock. I just brought her in after being outside for 4 days.
2ft to light, indirect
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
I did the same with my Aloe, way smaller than yours - she wasn't happy at all... however! 😊 it's been a few weeks since I brought her back inside and she's okay now! I'm sure yours will be fine too if she remains inside
Hmm… what kind of β€œsucculent” soil is it? I used MiracleGro on all my succulents and it held in SO MUCH water. That’s why I don’t have any plants right now (getting more soon). Buy an organic succulent soil mix that feels kind of rocky/sandy. Make sure it doesn’t include moss, especially peat moss.
Look up how to repot succulents is you’re never repotted before
Thanks all! It's in a succulent soil mix, and was repotted a few years ago. I think I'm going to let her reacclimate for a while and fingers crossed she'll be okay