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Help!! First time plant mom-
I brought these babies home after my grandmothers funeral and I’d love to keep them growing and add to my collection in the future! She had plants all over her house and I’m looking forward to honoring her by doing the same. ❤️ We took a 4 day vaca, I watered the day before we left and we just returned a couple of hours ago and my #PeaceLily & #EnglishIvy looked like this!! I’m assuming they’re under watered? We did have the air off in the house, could that be an issue? I left them in the same spots they’re always in. The peace lilly had black tips on the green leaves and had some yellow leaves with black tips on it too.. I had already cut most of tips before I remembered I had this app to ask questions on.. maybe a mistake.. idk. ALL help is much appreciated! I currently have them sitting outside to get some fresh air!
Squish your leaves, if they crunch, grap your snippers and chop! They aren't coming back, this is for the English ivy, maybe someone else has tip for the peace lily's
Peace Lilly just check the soil make sure it isn't super dry or saturated or just bad soil/root bound. You might want want consider just repotting it anyway in some fresh soil so you can see what's up with the roots first
I agree with everyone so far! The ivy is super dry, and if the leaves crunch there won’t be any saving them. Try to keep what you can, but it’ll probably need a good trim and watering.

The peace lily flowers don’t last long, so those browning/dying aren’t a big deal as long as the leaves are healthy. Yellowing leaves are typically a sign of under or overwatering, but I agree with repotting it anyway. If the soil/roots right now seem dry, then give it a good watering after repotting. If it seems wet, then repot in new soil and give the roots a couple of days to dry out from being overwatered. 🌿💚

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