Posted 4M ago by @Paul

i need help

can you explain to me why this plant has dry leaves #help
23ft to light, indirect
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 3 weeks ago
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Hi, Paul! Few questions to help with this. How long have you had the plant? Have you changed the pot/soil at any time? Has the plant been moved or has anything in the environment changed, recently? How are the humidity levels? I see you marked it as next to a humidifier, but curious what the levels are like in that room. Last but not least - I see the planter does not have drainage. Regardless as to whether or not that is related to the leaves, I would definitely replant it in a pot with drainage, come springtime
@GaryPoopins I've had the plant for almost 7 months and I planted the soil 3 months ago, so I planted it next to the humidifier because the air in this room is always dry . and it was watered 3 days ago .to mention the plant, when I bought it, it had some black dots underneath that I quickly got rid of who showed something like that(the photo is taken of a plant that still has the problem that the plant had for which I asked for help)
@Paul so the picture of your plant looks healthy up top and drying/crispy at the bottom leaves. That’s a pretty solid sign that the plant isn’t getting enough water and humidity. How often are you watering? I’ve never cared for one personally, but I read that they do like to dry out between waterings (every 10 - 14 days), but your environment may require more frequent watering. How are you determining when to water?
@GaryPoopins do you think I should water the plant more often?
maybe I will water it in the moment when the soil will be as dry as possible.
Thank you very much for everything πŸ™
@Paul You should water when the top couple of inches are dry when you check with your finger. That, or do what I did when I first was getting used to watering frequency and pick up a water meter on Amazon for like $10. I found them to be very helpful in teaching me when each plant needs to be watered.
@GaryPoopins that's good to know