Posted 5M ago by @PetLionstail

Why is my split leaf philodendron yellowish?

2ft to light, indirect
17” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
From the looks of it, you’ve had this gorgeous one for a while - has light or watering changed at all? Big planter but how is the room in there / when was it last repotted? Inspected for shitty little insects/pests?
A yellowish color in a split leaf philodendron can be a sign of various issues. It might be due to overwatering, nutrient deficiency, or inadequate light. Make sure the plant is getting the right amount of water, placed in a location with indirect sunlight, and consider fertilizing it if it hasn't been done recently. If the issue persists, it's a good idea to inspect the roots for any signs of rot or damage.
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@GaryPoopins it lived on my deck all summer with a light mesh canopy to prevent sunburn. I brought it in about a month ago, but it was still kind of yellowish even when it was outside. But I would love to get it back to the glossy vibrant green color it was when I bought it. It grew great outside. Most of the growth you see happened over the summer. It was pretty thin at the end of spring when I set it outside.
@PetLionstail then I’m thinking a couple of possibilities: going from outside in bright indirect light to inside, watering needs would definitely decrease, so keep that in mind (if you haven’t already). The other thing is a shift in humidity - likely a decent shift there for it as well, going from outside to indoors.
@PetLionstail just pluck the whole leaf and stem off together the stem kinda pops off at base where it connects. It could be an old leaf , over or underwatering , could be magnesium deficiency wrong ph tap water toxins from IT. Could be a number of things . If I were you I would wait til the leaf dries out quite a bit the plant might be cannibalizing it for nutrients . It’ll put out new leaves in spring and thru summer if you have it in the right mix right pot and feed it correctly come spring .. winter they don’t need ferts and need lot less often watering . # any leaf that turns yellow or had any issues won’t go back to green no matter what you do