Posted 1Y ago by @TheeGreenWitch

Any one know whats going on with my Sun Star?

My sister took our plants outside and it had been left outside in the sun for a while. I brought them inside and gave them water but its beem about 2 weeks now and they dont look good. Our cat decided to play with one of the pots and knocked it over.. Is there anything i can do to get them to bloom new flowers or are they too late to get help?
1ft to light, direct
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
I think one of the issues is the hair tie wrapped on the stem. I think the stem wasn’t able to β€œbreathe” so now the plant is dying. I don’t know if it’ll make it.

The second plant on the right looks semi-healthy still, so I would repot in a smaller pot so it’s able to have its own small space to grow, and so you don’t have future issues with watering (the bigger the pot, the more watering issues you’ll have)

Good luck and happy growing! 😊🌿

Nice to see another #CentralTexasGang 😊🀍
Mine died back like that. The bulb just sat there since about July, then voila…
@EarthlySoybean Yes! Same for me. I just knew I had killed mine. But the one thing I'm learning in my plant care journey is that, it is pretty hard to kill a plant. Most everything I think has died, comes back. 🌿

So I now wait a few months and even til the next season sometimes before throwing away any "dead" plants.

This is my little guy coming back after 3 or so months of nothing but dirt lol.